Lab Rotation

The aim of Lab Rotation is to learn a broader perspective. Students conduct research under the tuition by professor in charge of the laboratory other than students’ major field for a certain period.

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■Method for taking Lab Rotation
(1) Choose any professor as your rotation advisor except your academic advisor.
  Prof. Hideaki Yokoo:Micromorphology and histopathology practice
  Prof. Hiroshi Kawabe:In vitro neural monitoring training course
  Prof. Yoshito Tsushima:Techinical Course for Live Imaging
  Prof. Hiroshi Kawabe:Techinical Course for Live Imaging
  Prof. Yoji Minamishima:Protein chemistry course

  Receive guidance from rotation advisor about the practice method.
     Conduct a practice in the laboratory other than your major field.

(2) Submit the report to your rotation advisor after the lab rotation ends.
(3) Rotation advisor provides an evaluation based on the report and determines the student’s academic result.